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Playa Palancar: Cozumel Beaches in review

Cozumel Beaches on Review

Cozumel beaches with local flavor.
Playa Palancar is one of the favorite local Cozumel beaches on the leeward side of the island. It has charm and has a few creature comforts. The entrance opens up to a large palapa dining area. One of the specialties on the Menu is Fish Tacos.
Just beyond the restaurant is one of our Cozumel Beaches in all its glory! Lots of tropical foliage around and a very comfortable covered hammock area to rest in. They run diving trips to Columbia and Palancar reefs (two of my favorite reefs). They also do SNUBA, and fishing. The boats come to the beach and pick you up. Prices are negotiable!
The entrance to the beach is quaint and rustic.

The sand is fine and clean. Which make this one of my favorite of Cozumel Beaches. Although there is plenty of seating and tables to eat; you will find a conspicuous absence of beach lounge chairs. So if you don't bring your own beach towel you will probably not be doing much "sun bathing".

The video to the left is just another example of our committment to inform you in a ways that you will not find on other web portals of Cozumel.

Here is a little known fact about Palancar beach...

Can you see that little white sign in the photo to your right? Do you remember the film Against All Odds (1984): with Jeff Bridges, Rachel Ward, and James Woods? Well, there is a little shell of a building. That was the set for the scene where Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward met up in Cozumel. It was supposed to be her house.

Hurricane Gilbert decided to cancel her contract!

Cozumel Beaches with a rich history in film!